Press Kit

Game: Trouble Troblins

Company: Liquorice Games

Developer: Luke Clough

Release date: 20/9/2018

Genre: arcade game

Platform: Android

Price: free


Twitter: @TroubleTroblins



Protect your buddy the sheep by flicking away those troublesome troblins. Once they catch your buddy, that's it... game over.

Trouble Troblins is a unique endless 3D casual game that incorporates an exciting twist by adapting the flicking gesture as an innovative mechanic in this game genre. How many troblins can you flick?


Feed your sheep carrots to get bonus points, and get help from him by using a variety of power-ups. Make him extra happy by dressing him up in his favourite foodie costumes. But most importantly - don't let him get eaten by those trouble troblins!



Flick troblins

Feed carrots

Use power-ups for assistance

Dress sheep in fun foodie costumes

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Developer Notes


What is Liquorice Games?

A new indie games company that has released its first game: Trouble Troblins.


What is a troblin?

A hybrid between a troll and a goblin. 


Where did the idea for Trouble Troblins come from?

Using the flicking gesture on touch devices to be able to interact with cute creatures was the spark that started this game. The goal was to create a fun endless game that could be picked up by anyone.


How was Trouble Troblins developed?

Liquorice Games creator Luke Clough developed Trouble Troblins entirely on his own to start his career in game development, wearing multiple working hats, from programmer to artist.


What is the art style of Trouble Troblins?

Troblins created the world... but 3D was an essential component in creating an immersive atmosphere. 




Twitter: @LukeCloughArt




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